Engine maintenance

Don't ignore your car's "heart health"

Your car's engine is its heart – and it needs proper care to keep your vehicle performing.

Engine maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance For The Longevity Of Your Vehicle

The first step in avoiding engine failure is taking care of your vehicle from the very beginning. Even if you have owned your car for a few years, don't hesitate to start following a schedule tune-up and maintenance schedule to lengthen the life of your vehicle.

You can trust us to offer attentive engine repair and maintenance services on nearly all domestic and import cars, trucks and light SUVs.

When A Replacement Is Necessary

Sometimes even maintenance and repairs can't save your engine. If your engine has been damaged or fails and simply can't be saved, there are several options for replacements.

  • Used engines – 30 day warranty
  • Japanese take-out engines – low mileage engines from Japan, 6 month warranty
  • Rebuilt/ Remanufactured engines – 12 to 36 month warranty

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