Automotive inspection

Feel confident in your car purchase with a pre-purchase inspection

A car is not a small purchase – make sure you have made a good decision with a pre-purchase inspection.

Driving car

A Minimal Investment For Major Peace Of Mind

When you are buying a used vehicle you aren't just buying the vehicle. You are also buying the vehicle's history. This means you may be sticking yourself with some serious repair bills if you aren't careful with the vehicle you choose.

A pre-purchase inspection lets you know the true value of your car, factoring in any damage or necessary repairs you may not know about. This peace of mind costs you only $100!

What Your Pre-purchase Inspection Checks

You want to trust the person who is selling you your car – but you have to remember he is trying to get rid of the vehicle. He may not be completely upfront with you about what is wrong with the vehicle or damage that has been done to it.

Your pre-purchase inspection evaluates your car for a variety of issues so you can make an educated decision about purchasing the car.

  • Driveability
  • Body
  • Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Computer programming issues

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